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Callahan has been adopted!

Sponsored by Jamie and Erika, in celebration of their upcoming marriage. Many thanks to their family and friends.


Callahan is a sweet and curious puppy who is learning more about the world around him everyday. Callahan first came to the attention of Save Me as a sweet and scared dog at a Kentucky shelter. As Callahan has settled into his foster home his personality has begun to shine through and while he has maintained his sweetness he also has puppy like energy and enthusiasm. Once Callahan has burnt some energy he is the worlds best cuddler and very generous with his kisses.

Everything is new to Callahan and he would benefit from having a confident owner that can take the lead and show him that the world is not such a scary place at times. This little guy loves to learn and would enjoy bonding with his future family through attending obedience classes.

Callahan is very focused on his people, once you are friends with Callahan you have a friend for life. He is still unsure about other dogs that he encounters on walks or as visitors to his foster home and would do best as an only dog with slow introductions to calm confident dog friends.

Callahan enjoys sleeping in his foster family’s bed at night and going for runs with his foster mom. This pup is the perfect balance of sweetness and fun for a family that is able to put in a little bit of work to help him be the best dog he can be.


Callahan was lovingly fostered by Chaya