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Cadence has been adopted!

Sponsored by Amanda in celebration of Korey’s Gotcha Day! 



Meet Cadence (though we think Cady suits her better!)

Cady is a two year old retriever/husky mix with the most stunning icey blue eyes! She is a curious and adventurous dog. She is currently living with another dog, and loves playing with her foster sister. She knows acceptable play and boundaries, and doesn’t bark very often though her bark is almost bigger than she is and is kind of unexpected from her. She is still a little unsure about all humans, though dogs seem to make her more comfortable. She will come to you with some patience (and maybe a few good treats!)

She is mostly housetrained, with a couple accidents in the house though that isn’t uncommon for fosters who are adjusting to their new surroundings. She hasn’t had much training effort put into her, so her foster mom is working on the basic commands like sit, stay and wait. She knows what to do with toys though and is perfectly comfortable with either individual play or playing with another dog.

Her foster home is crating her at night and while out of the house. She does take a little time to settle in her crate and whines a bit but she seems to settle.

What does her ideal family look like? Well she is going to be an active girl once she fully opens up, but she will need a family dedicated to her training and bringing out her best dog-side! An active family will be the best for her. She would love to have a home with another fur sibling but if she was the only dog then she would really appreciate a family where she could visit doggie friends to play often. She doesn’t gobble her food, and seems to graze/eat when hungry. She is gentle when taking treats, and loves treats so this will help with training her. She isn’t really vocal unless she sees another dog on the other side of the fence. She is learning appropriate leash walking and will need a family who will continue to work on this with her.

She would likely be great with children who are a little older and can play with her. She is catching on to games like fetch quickly.

Cady will be a very affectionate and loving dog with a family who has the patience to let her open up and just be herself. Could you be the right family for this sweetheart?

Cadence was lovingly fostered by Amanda