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Butch has been adopted!

Sponsored in thanks to save me rescue for bringing me my Aria.



Butch found himself at risk in a Quebec pound. We were contacted about him mere hours before he was scheduled to be euthanized and we are so glad we were. Butch is a very happy and loving dog who so deserves his happily ever after.

Butch was seen by our veterinarian within days of arrival and had his neuter scheduled. Upon examination it was found that Butch has a number of health issues that made him very high risk for anaesthetic. Butch arrived with a pronounced cough and X-rays revealed that he has a significant tracheal collapse. Cough medicine has helped him be more comfortable. On top of the trachea issue, Butch also has a moderate heart murmur (grade 3/6) that may or may not progress as time goes on. At this time, his heart is not causing him any issues and there are no signs of congestive heart failure. It is possible that he will require medication to help support his cardiac health in the future. Like all dogs, Butch should be kept at a healthy weight and avoid high sodium food and treats. Butch’s
teeth are not in the best shape and ideally we would like to do a dental but once again he is not a candidate for surgery. He may benefit from periodic antibiotics in the future to help keep his mouth healthier. Our veterinarian does feel that Butch could have happy years ahead.

So while this sweet little guy has some issues that are preventing him from having surgery they are not preventing him from enjoying life. He is playful and joyful and happily greets his foster Mom when she comes home.

Butch lives with a number of small dogs and does well with them. As a rescue we are advocates for the importance of spaying and neutering all dogs. We have not had this circumstance before that we could not neuter a dog but do not feel that this should hold Butch back from having a loving family for his senior years. We will be requiring his adopter to affirm that they will not use Butch for breeding. Butch’s x-rays and vet records will gladly be made available to his adopter.

Butch was lovingly fostered by Uyen