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Buster has been adopted!

Sponsored with love by Daneen and Amy, in celebration of their upcoming wedding.



My name is Buster and I love everybody and everything! I’m happy go lucky. I love to play hard and sleep hard and prefer to have someone’s lap to sleep in. I live with 2 dogs and two cats in my foster home. I sometimes sniff the cats, but don’t really care about them and barely notice they are around. I love wrestling and playing chase with my doggie foster brother and sister. I’m not big on tug-of-war, I prefer to just let go of the toy and let them take it. I often enjoy going off on my own to chew a bone and I never grump if a dog, cat or person comes close and tries to take my bone.

I’m a people dog in my heart I like to be around my people and will leave my doggy friends to come hang out with people whether its for a nice chill out session on the front porch or laying in the kitchen keeping them company while making dinner. I would be happy to come with you in your car anywhere you want to go!

My foster Mom believes I may be house trained as I’ve never had an accident in the house, but I also have not been left alone out of a crate for more than 4 hours. I sleep out of the crate at night but am crated while my foster family is gone to work for the day. My foster Mom says she thinks I would be good out of the crate provided I have enough chewy bones and toys…I am still a puppy though so you should be sure to remove all tempting items like shoes and TV converts or accidents could happen! I’ve been around some kids and really like how much they seem to like to play! Plus they have really comfy laps to sleep on!



Buster was lovingly fostered by Andrea.