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Buster has been adopted!

Sponsored by Meaghan and the Tolls in loving memory of sweet Maggie. Her loving spirit will help others find their own loving home. 


This little ball of cuteness is Buster.  Buster is a ten-year-old Dachshund looking for a home where he can follow around his people and pretend that he is helping.  Nothing gets past this little guy…he’s super quiet but he is extremely stealthy!  He is content to cuddle up in his blanket and have a snooze, then go for a short walk to explore.  He loves going outside (for short spurts) and will pull some on his leash.  I think when the weather is nicer and he can be out for longer periods he will calm down a bit with this behaviour.  He is very interested in the squirrels and rabbits so we do not let him off leash.  He is not a super active dog so a home that wants to always be on the go probably wouldn’t suit this little guy. He enjoys frequent, short walks and playing with soft toys that he can rip apart.  In-between walks he is happy to snuggle on the couch or his blanket, wherever his people are. He loves going in the car and tries to convince us to go out more often.  He is great in stores and at friend’s houses.  He has not been around young children here, but he is not bothered by activity or noise so likely he would be fine.  Buster is very happy to meet new people.  He is very much a jumper (we are working on this) but calms down quite quickly.  We have seen no aggressive behaviour from him…even when the cat steals his food or sneaks up on him…he is very patient.  He is in a home with other animals, and although none of them seem to want anything to do with him, he is interested in them and will follow them around for brief periods of time.  He is pretty quiet but does bark if he is excited (like when the cat goes on the kitchen counter or he sees squirrels).  His bark is not a loud bark by any means, but enough to get our attention.  He does not know a lot of commands; he will sit for a treat and will come when you call him (unless distracted by…you guessed it…squirrels).   At night he loves to snuggle up under the blankets in true Dachshund style.  He is a little bit of a bed hog, but once he goes to sleep he is out until you wake him up in the morning.  He is house trained and does fine in his crate. Right now he is typically only crated when alone, and for no more than four hours at a time.  He is currently being treated for some dry skin and an ear infection, which are healing quite well.  He does have one unique, squiggly ear that is the result of previous trauma, likely from an untreated ear infection.  We think his ear makes him even more adorable!  You will fall in love with this sweet boy and his loving personality!

Buster was adopted by his foster family!


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