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Burt Reynolds

Burt Reynolds has been adopted!

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Please read the ENTIRE post – there are important details that must be present for adopter!

Are you looking for your best friend? Sidekick? Confidante? Are you home a lot and LOVE dogs that stick to you like glue? Is your home 100% accessible to your furry friends?

If so, we have the perfect boy for you!

World, meet Burt Reynolds; the heartthrob, the good boy.

Burt came to us as a wandering stray with very little time left at his shelter. A kind staff member knew he needed a second chance and reached out to us to help save his life. We are so thankful she did!

He is a true mixed breed and it would be so cool to see a DNA test to know what awesome mix he is! He looks a bit like a Dutch shepherd, he has double dewclaws like a Great Pyrenees or maybe Plot Hound, quite tall and has a bit of a Great Dane swagger when he walks. Those are my guesses, but just guesses! It sure is fun to guess!

Burt LOVES people. He follows us everywhere and snuggles on the couch. He is working on basic commands and is food motivated so that helps! He is also a great, gentle treat-taker!

Burt gets SO excited to see you that he trots and jumps for joy! He occasionally will jump up gently but we have been working on more appropriate greetings.

Burt must have someone that is home (and post lockdown). He is a humans best friend. He’s content hanging at your feet or following you around for moral support. He loves to be outside and will lounge in the sun or find some shade. He cannot catch a ball, or toy or treat. He’s not the guy that is going to play fetch with you. He has found a LOVE of plushie squeaker toys and loves to nibble and throw it around before ending its squeaky days with a good fluff-removal!

Burt needs a very secure yard and free access to a home. He is an escape artist and has mastered climbing over baby gates and almost unlocked our backyard gate for a joy-run! He will also need to be securely walked with a harness (or something he cannot slip out of). He hasn’t found joy in walks at this point and I would guess he’s never been on leash.

Burt is not a barker – he rarely barks outside or if he’s around his humans…. Until you leave the house or the room he’s in and he doesn’t have access to you. Then he barks, loudly. For this reason a detached single family home (and no apartments) will be needed for Burt! He needs a secure area (but will not tolerate a crate) or something to keep him busy if he is alone so he doesn’t get into mischief!

Burt is great around kids! He loves our 3 year old and will come for pets and snuggles. Burt lives with a resident puggle and two senior cats. Ideally he would be an only dog, or with someone who will make sure to give very slow intros. Moving to your forever is stressful and sometimes scary – our furry friends need time and space to adjust to this HUGE change!

Burt is a bit of a couch potato so a laid back family would ideal for Burt. He loves to lounge in the back yard, spy on walkers by, watch birds and squirrels (and has even pointed at them!) and play with stuffies. He also enjoys following you everywhere and whacking his tail on everything as he wags it with joy.

He is now a stair master! He goes up and down carpeted and wood stairs like a champ! He is a great car-rider (and needs to be secured in the vehicle!) and bath-tolerant. He LOVES his food and cookies and takes treats politely!

He is absolutely one of the sweetest dogs we’ve ever met and will love you until the end of time, if you show him love back! Do you have room in your heart and home for this heartthrob?

Burt was lovingly fostered by Mike