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Burnsey has been adopted!

Sponsored by Toba, in honour of Riley, Toby and Penny. Every furbaby deserves a loving home and happiness.



Hiya! I’m Burnsey! I’m a sweet, little English Cocker Spaniel and I’m only 6 months old. My foster Mom says I have the softest ginger fur you will ever feel and the most beautiful face.

I’m about 23lbs of playful, happy pup and I’m looking for my forever home. I can’t wait to meet my new people and start living my best life!

When I first came to my foster home I wanted to be with my foster mom or dad at all times. It’s a lot of change for me! After a couple of weeks I started to relax a bit and now I can nap and play independently while my foster parents do their stuff. It might take me some time to figure things out when I get to my new home but I promise I am worth your patience!

I love to be around people and I am happiest when I can be around my foster parents all the time. They have left me home alone a few times though and I did really well! I am not crate trained but I don’t think I would mind being in a crate too much. I have two human foster brothers (ages 8 and 10) and I love being with them! I am very gentle and playful. I have also met younger children and I loved them too! I wouldn’t mind if there were children in my forever family.

I like to be with other dogs, especially dogs who want to play! I am submissive with other doggies and very gentle. I have never met a cat but I think I could get used to being around one if I had to. It’s not a good idea for me to live with little pets like hamsters, rabbits, birds and guinea pigs since I do like to chase them. I’m just so curious about them! For this reason it’s also better if my forever home has a fenced yard to keep me safe from following my nose too far.

The vet says I’m a very healthy boy! I have recently been neutered and I’m recovering very well! I do get a bit itchy sometimes but once my foster mom switched from chicken-based food to lamb my itchies went away! It’s probably best if I don’t have any people food just in case. But that won’t stop me from asking for your snack and sniffing the counter when food is out!

I’m a pretty good listener when I hear my name being called! I usually run to whoever is calling me because I’m so happy to see them. I have learned ‘sit’, ‘paw’ and ‘stay’ so far and I listen almost every time!

Right now I am not fully house-trained. In my first home I used pee pads and I have been trying to get used to going outside to pee. I do have accidents on occasion so please be patient with me and help me learn.

I love to play with stuffies and I hide them all over the house! If there are stuffies around I will probably steal them! Socks too, for that matter. I really love socks! I also love to chase a ball but I lose interest quickly. I’m still just little.

I really love going for walks! I have plenty of energy for long walks and hikes and I love being out in nature. So many new smells! I am learning how to walk on a leash but my foster parents think this is a new concept for me. Your patience and consistency will go a long way with helping me learn. I really want to do the right thing!

I don’t bark very much but when I do I surprise people with how loud I am! I’m practicing my big dog voice!

One great thing about me is I don’t shed very much! I do a little but if you brush me it helps. I am still trying to get used to being brushed but I am slowly starting to sit still for it. I will need to be groomed every now and then but it’s mostly just for a trim and tidy-up. I can probably learn to let my forever family give me a trim! My ears and legs/feet will need it the most. Just leave the floof on top of my head alone! It’s my foster mom’s favourite.

Sometimes I have puppy energy and want to play. I may nip a little bit when I play but it’s just a puppy nibble and I will eventually learn not to do that. Other times I’m lazy and just want to sleep! I am still a baby after all and I need my naps!

I’m a great sleeper at night. I’ll even sleep in if you want to! I have been sleeping on my foster parents’ bed because that’s what I was used to at my first home. But I think if I felt comfortable with my new family I could get used to sleeping somewhere else.

I’m really excited to meet my forever family! With a little patience and time I just know I can be the best friend you’ve always wanted.

Burnsey was lovingly fostered by Jennifer