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Bumblebee is adopted!

Bumblebee / Male / Chihuahua / 1 year old / 8 lbs / Adoption Fee is $400.00



Bumblebee is an adorable little foster. He’s one of the easiest dogs we have fostered to date. He’s very respectful in our house. He spends most of his days lying around. In the car we crate him and he whines for the first few minutes and then is a good boy.

He’s very good at sitting when he wants something and is learning to sit. He waits nicely while we prepare his food. He is very responsive to us and listens very well.

Bumblebee is crate trained. He has been trained to sleep in the crate in the evening or during the day. He will cry or bark when he first goes in there during the day but then he will be OK after a few minutes. He walks nicely beside us on his leash but if we get too far ahead he stops he does not like to be pulled. He runs in the backyard with our dogs.

Bumblebee shows signs of shyness with people when he first meets you by staying low to the ground and can be timid but usually once he sees the person he’ll run up and jump on their leg. He will bark when someone’s coming around the corner in our house but once he sees that he runs up to them to be picked up. He loves being held. He loves lying on the couch and floor.

Bumblebee seems to have low to medium energy. He spends most of his day lying around but he loves to go play with the dogs for short periods of time.

Bumblebee does not seem to shed in our house. He’s pretty quiet most of the time but he will bark when first crated or if someone’s approaching within our house at first. This can also be due to the fact that he is only been here a few days.

When he first came here he peed in the house and then with supervision it stopped within a couple of days. This should go away once he is neutered this week.

Bumblebee is a young dog who was surrendered to our rescue when his family felt they could no longer meet his needs.

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!

For more information on him, please contact her foster mom Shari at

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