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Buddy has been adopted!

Sponsored by Shari & Jay Herman in honour of Stewart Fleming’s 50th birthday


My name is Buddy and I’m told I am the nicest guy around.
My foster mom says I’m a pretty handsome man.  I have a soft chocolate colored coat with a few white patches and four white paws. My coats a little dry at the moment but other than that I am a healthy boy. My best feature is my warm amber eyes *wink*.
I am a very gentle, affectionate pup. I love giving kisses and will wrap my paws around you for a big hug. I enjoy being at my caretaker’s side when relaxing and will visit for some kisses on my nose from time to time. Belly rubs and ear rubs are great too. I am very comfortable receiving hugs and I don’t show any sensitive areas when being touched. Also, I am not bothered by meeting new people (male or female), everyone is my friend. Free hugs for everyone!
My knowledge of commands is tricky but my foster mom and I are working on it! I know what she’s asking me but I’m so distracted with all new surroundings. I’ve shown her I can sit, lay down, shake a paw, walk and heel. I also respond to “out” and “in” when I’m coming and going. I’m a good pup when around other dogs my size once we are acquainted. We have yet to see how I do with small dogs, cats or kids so stay tuned! I’m a pretty chill kind of guy; rarely bark and no signs of separation anxiety. Destruction is not really my style and I’m super comfy snoozing in my crate. I’m also fully house trained.
A few of my likes: HUGS, human interaction, comfy beds for snoozing, walks, kisses, toys, being groomed, fresh water, car rides and cookies!
When on leash I sometimes become distracted but it doesn’t take me long to get back on the task at hand with the proper commands. I haven’t had the pleasure yet to prove my recall or respect for boundaries but it might be best if you have a fenced in back yard for me to play in.
Some of my fellow foster pups haven’t had such an easy life but I was lucky enough to have been taken care of by my previous owners. Unfortunately they had to move and couldn’t take me with them. So I traveled all the way to Canada from Ohio in hopes to find my fur-ever home!

Buddy was lovingly fostered by Jennifer G.