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Buck has been adopted!

Sponsored by Jason and Claire, in honour of their well loved pups, Maple, Sybbie and Pekoe


Introducing Buck! This handsome boy came to us from southern Kentucky where he was surrendered to the shelter due his owner’s health concerns. Buck is the most wonderful, loving boy, a velcro dog who wants to be near his humans. He enjoys cuddles, scratches and pets, and will give kisses to thank you. Buck is a puppy at heart and a bit of a goofball!

Buck is fully house trained and has had no accidents since his arrival. He would love a fenced yard so he can enjoy the fresh air, play fetch and chew sticks. Buck loves the water, wading into streams on even the coldest of days, and he would enjoy having regular swims. When he first arrived, Buck would bark and whine for a moment when we left the house but now he is happy to see us off at the door and nap while we’re gone. He is not destructive when left alone and has free run of the house. An ideal home for Buck would be one where someone is frequently home to keep him company. A typical lab, Buck loves to eat and has a great appetite. He takes treats very gently. This boy is very smart and eager to please his humans.

Buck is a very friendly boy once he gets to know visitors. Initially, he is shy and will bark once or twice, but if you give him a treat he’ll be your best buddy. He is respectful with our other dogs, both large and small, and we think he would likely ignore cats. He would benefit from the company of a confident dog sibling or friend. He is sometimes lacking in self-awareness about his size, so small children would not be a good match.

Buck LOVES to go for walks, and has shown great improvement with his leash manners. We use a gentle leader and he now rarely pulls on the leash. We believe Buck didn’t get out too often or have many visitors in his previous life, and this has made him insecure when meeting new people. As a result, Buck has some leash reactivity to passersby which has improved with positive reinforcement training. He will require some continued work with this as he becomes comfortable with his new people and his surroundings and gains some confidence. Buck is a country boy at heart, and doesn’t care for the hustle and bustle of the city. A rural setting or a home in a quiet part of town would be best for him.

Buck was lovingly fostered by Rachel