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Brutus has been adopted!

Sponsored by Cheryl, In memory of Lily and Maggie


Brutus had all of his stitches removed and is doing really well. He is a happy dog!

Despite the fact that the family who had him since he was a puppy surrendered 11 year old Brutus to the rescue when they moved out of province and his world was turned upside down, Brutus is a sweetheart who gets along with all the dogs and cats he meets. He is house-trained, knows commands, responds to his name and loves to play with toys, He adores going outside and enjoys his walks, even though he pulls on the leash. He sleeps contentedly in a crate at night and has free reign of the house during the day,

When he arrived in the rescue, it was clear that he was in need of vetting. He had 5 benign lumps removed from his body and 25 teeth extracted. He has 1 single tooth left in his mouth and is recovering nicely. The lack of teeth hasn’t dampened his appetite although he is now getting soft food until his mouth heals fully.

Brutus will be in rehab until the end of July but will be ready to go to his forever home as soon as the stitches are removed. He would do well in a home with or without children and with or without other animals. This guy deserves a great home where he can enjoy the love of a family.



Brutus was lovingly fostered by Marcy.