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Bruno is a forever foster

Sponsored by Christine McKenna whose rescue dog, Rumba won’t let her adopt another dog.



We know the song from Encanto says we don’t talk about Bruno but not this older gentleman named Bruno!

We should talk about Bruno, oh, oh, oh

Yeah, about that Bruno…
You really need to know about Bruno…
Here is the truth and the whole truth, Bruno…

Like many older gentlemen, he is sweet and loves to nap/sleep but also has this mischievous/spry side that will keep you on your toes and a smile on your face.

Bruno loves his walks but doesn’t need a long one, just a 20-30 minute walk is good for him. After his walk, you most likely find him sleeping. Although he does love to get his beauty rest, he is quite active when awake. You may even find him counter surfing to get a much desired treat. He may even surprise you with his athletic ability.

While he is an older guy, he can act like a toddler when it comes to sharing. He doesn’t like to share, especially his food. He loves food and has a high food drive. He will resource guard from dogs/ people if you try and take things from him. Being from a remote northern community that lacked access to resources, he never had consistent food for the majority of his life so resource guarding is an ingrained behaviour. This behaviour can be easily managed by feeding dogs separately and being careful around high value toys, etc.

You may think he has selective hearing like some better halves but he is actually mostly deaf. This makes him a great confidant as you know he won’t share your secrets!

Bruno does play well with others as long as there is no food involved. He does great with dogs and seems indifferent to cats. He loves people and would do well with older children (due to his resource guarding). He is a pretty independent guy and while he loves to be petted, he isn’t a big cuddle bug.

Bruno doesn’t mind being crated as he is crate trained. If you wish to keep him out of certain rooms, baby gates may work but as we mentioned he is quite spry and may jump over them!

Bruno would love a low-medium active home with or without other pets to spend his retirement years. He would love a yard, especially to bask in the sun and take a snooze. He would also love to take a short daily stroll through the neighbourhood. We have no doubt this handsome guy will become a favourite amongst the neighbours.

Update May 29th – For the treatment of his arthritis we have begun Bruno on monthly Librela injections. We are very happy with the results we are seeing from these treatments and Bruno has become increasingly affectionate and goofy as his pain has decreased. We will be continuing Bruno on these monthly injections and our hope is that his future home will continue treatment.