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Brownie has been adopted!

Sponsored in loving memory of Cheryl’s son, Rob Carter, who so loved Cheryl and who Cheryl so loved.


Hi I’m Brownie and I am a 25 lb lovebug. I love people and I love kids. I just love anyone who’ll scratch my ears and tell me what a good boy I am, ‘Cuz I AM! One minute I was in Tennessee and the next I was up here in Canada, but I like it here! They have kids who play with me and give me belly rubs. I am learning to walk on a leash, I smell so many interesting smells that sometimes I just follow my nose and need to be reminded to stay beside the people. I LOVE to meet all the people in the neighborhood while we walk. I live here with another dog, and I am a good southern gentleman about doing my business outside only. The kids are helping me learn a few commands like sit and come and paw, I am working on it but I don’t always understand them, I do it well when they have treats!! Sometimes I sit and give a paw just so they can go get me a treat.

My ideal family would have a fully fenced yard that is totally escape proof because if I see a small critter like a bunny or a squirrel I will be after it like a shot. I will even try to dig under the fence to get to it. I can’t help myself, that is what hunters like me do! Because of this I would not be suited to a home with any other small critters like cats etc. I love my walks but no matter how far we go I still have lots of energy and love to tear around the yard doing leaps, jumps and spins. That means I need a home with a good size yard to kick up my heels in. I do well with my foster sister so I would like to be a canine companion to a well adjusted other energetic dog to help me burn off all my energy! But mostly I love kids and would love a home with kids over 5 years old so I can cuddle up with them, play fetch and take all the treats so gently from their hands.

Since I’ve only been here a short time my foster family is still getting to know me so stay tuned for when I am ready to find my fur-ever home.