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Brittany has been adopted!

Sponsored by Janet A. and her Save Me dog Kelly



Brittany is a sweet and curious pup that is still learning how to live outside of the confines of a cage. She was one of many dogs that were seized from a puppy mill last month. She is a typical “puppy mill” mama. She is fearful of human contact, but curious about the people that are being very kind to her. She will follow me around the house, at a distance, but as soon as I turn around, she hurries back to the safety of her crate. Brittany feels safe in her crate, but doesn’t like to be locked in. She loves other dogs and watches their every move. She loves to eat and is interested in the outside world. Her housetraining is progressing well, and she’s also pad trained. She’s learning not to be scared of her leash, and doesn’t seem to mind the leash following her around. Brittany requires an adoptive home that has a resident dog, and fully fenced yard.

We welcome inquires about Brittany, however we are only accepting applications from individuals with mill experience at this time.

Brittany was lovingly fostered by Rose, Natalie and Janet