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Braxton has been adopted!

Sponsored by Roz B., in memory of her father Harry York who passed along his great love of dogs to his children and grandchildren


Click HERE to see Braxton walk the conservation trails

Attention joggers! Look no further, this is your dog! With a gentle leader, Braxton is a dream to hike and jog trails with. He runs along side you and doesn’t pull or weave all over. He seems to take his speed level from you and leaves the leash loose. Hiking he likes to go ahead and is eager to see around the next corner but doesn’t pull.

Big playful lug! He gets along really well with other dogs who are dog friendly. He seems very unsure with dogs that are growly or aggressive with him. He just wants to horse around and play with other dogs, so probably a home with medium to large dogs would be best. He’s young and can use a play mate for exercise.

Braxton wasn’t given a whole lot of direction so far in life, which is a shame because he loves to learn! He does know some of his basic commands and is crate trained, though he prefers to be where the action is.