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Bradley has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Doreen Parker with love and condolences to the McDonald family from Howard and Roz


Bradley is, without a doubt, the dog you have been waiting for – and he has been waiting for you too.

Bradley’s heart is bursting with love. He approaches his human foster family with affection and utter devotion. He greets you at the door with a wildly wagging tail and gives endless kisses. All his wants is to be in your company, to snuggle and to be pet. He is wonderful with adults, children and everything in between – he just wants to be around people.

Bradley is versatile, he loves long walks, but it also happy to be home with you and hang out. He is super easy-going and doesn’t bark. He is house trained and can spend time in his crate, but would prefer to snuggle you.

Bradley would do well in home where he can be showered with love. He can happily be in a home with children, cats and/or other small or female dogs – not other males.

While we don’t know much about this pre-Save Me life, it is obvious to us that Bradley needs a home where someone can spend a bit of time teaching him how to be a dog – something it appears he was denied. For instance, he hasn’t mastered the art of “sit” yet, but it making process. He also has yet to understand dog toys, but is willing to work on it,

Bradley does not like indoor stairs, though he is thrilled to be carried up and down.