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Bowie is adopted!


Bowie / Male / Maltese / 7 months / Adoption fee: $425.00


A word from Bowie:

I am not quite a year old but I have been kept in a dirty cage my whole life; not being fed very good food or even enough food. I suffered from fleas that were so so horrible I scratched myself raw. I had never been groomed or even cleaned up. It took two bathes and a good clipping just to get that horrible smell at bay. I was never happy and cried a lot and learned to bark all the time with all the other dogs in there. One day they opened my cage and gave me to a lady that ran to her car with me and we sped away. I ended up at a Vets office for a check up. A lady they said was my foster Mom came to get me. She swept me up in her arms and took me home and told me not to worry I would never live in a cage again. I was so nervous and scared but she made everything nice and calm and safe for me. Now I know what love is. This is the life I have been hoping for.

A word from his Foster Mom:

Bowie is a happy little guy that is really learning to love all the world has to offer him now. It is funny to watch how much enjoyment he gets out of little things like chasing leaves in the backyard or finding a toy hidden under a chair. Being a puppy he is full of beans. I swear he has springs in his feet! He can bounce around just like Tigger. He is a fun, energetic, loving dog.

Bowie is much more comfortable around people now but he much be approached slowly and calmly, giving him time to get to know you. Women are definitely his favourite. He gets very nervous around males especially when they are standing over him. We have had success with him meeting people if they sit on the couch and let him come to them. He also really enjoys other dogs, cats, dogs, rabbits, he loves them all and wants to be their very best friend. I must say though that our cat does not like the way he plays. He gets so excited and has bowled her over more than a few times when he runs at her.

Bowie’s training is coming along very nicely. I have spent quite a bit of time teaching him boundaries and he listens to me very well. However, you have to know that he has a different relationship with the other family members. If you give him an inch, he will take a mile. He likes to push the boundaries. He needs calm, consistent rules and lots of positive reinforcement. He knows simple commands and you can see how happy he is when he is able to achieve what I am asking of him. He is very smart and is a quick learner. Every day we see more of the dog he will grow into. Bowie is doing so good at the “sit” command now so it is a pleasure to dole out the treats to him and rest of the dogs in the house. They all wait patiently for their turn.

Bowie seems to be a very vocal dog. He likes to hear his own voice. We have been consistent with not allowing him to bark for what seems like no reason. We have seen progress for sure. Positive reinforcement works well with him and will be important no matter who he lives with.

Bowie was in rehab with us because he was so shy and needed to learn to trust people. Well, we succeeded in that mission. He now is so in love with me that he can’t bear it when I leave. Over the last few months I have tried to get him to understand that I will always come back to him. He now does not feel the need to follow me from room to room and I can successfully leave him in a room with my other dogs for short periods of time. When I go to work he is crated for his own safety and this is still an anxiety provoking event for him. He will cry and bark most of the day. For this reason Bowie cannot go to a person in an apartment or townhouse where he could disturb other people. This is pretty much the only anxiety I am seeing in him though these days.

He is a great companion. He loves unconditionally. He wants to please. He loves to cuddle. He is very happy to join me in bed at night where he will snuggle until morning. He uses pee pads consistently in the house and will go outside going to do his business if we let him out. He does not ask to go outside yet. Bowie would love to be in a house that has another dog, preferably older, calm and well behaved. He does like to with them and they help him to calm down faster. He really likes my chocolate lab and turns to him often for play and comfort when I am busy. He is learning how to be a puppy from watching my other dogs. He has fallen into their routine so quickly. He is comforted by their calmness. He is learning what appropriate play is and what things are toys and what things are off limits. Bowie would do best in a calm house that has a good routine. His anxiety is manageable if he knows what to expect from his day and from the people around him. A home with young children would not be appropriate.

He really enjoys being outside. He loves going to walks. He is always up for a game of fetch. A stuffed dog brings tons of joy. A chance to run around freely in a fenced yard and act silly always brings a smile to my face. He will require regular grooming to keep his beautiful fur clean and free from tangles. He did well with his grooming and his nail clipping.

As each day passes we see Bowie starting to understand what his newfound freedom means. It is amazing watching him show more and more signs of being the puppy he is. He is a special boy who deserves the very best life from now on. Can you give him that life?

Requirements: obedience training house training commitment to working through his separation anxiety
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