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Bowie has been adopted!



Bowie is one of Carys’s puppies who was born in the rescue on August 11, 2021. Unfortunately, as he has gotten older, it has become clear that he is the wrong fit for his home. The family have been working with a trainer since Bowie was 12 weeks old and he started exhibiting behaviours towards the other family dogs when he would get over- stimulated. While training has shown Bowie to be a very smart and obedient dog, this one aspect of his behaviour has escalated and it is not safe for the older, smaller dogs for Bowie to remain in the home. When Bowie gets over-stimulated he redirects and has grabbed a dog on a number of occasions. Management and strategies have helped, but he has been unpredictable and short of keeping him crated at all times, other solutions have not been enough. Bowie needs to be in a home where he can enjoy being a puppy and have less restrictions.

Bowie is a very friendly and happy boy. He has been fine with everyone he meets, including being an excellent dog at vet visits. He is housebroken and crate trained. Bowie was sleeping in a crate in the bedroom with his family and another crate was set up in the kitchen where he would happily run in for his meals. Bowie would sit for his treats and had no issues sitting side by side with the other dogs while waiting his turn. He did show some resource guarding while eating in his crate if another dog came close and would growl. Bowie was fine sharing his people and his toys. Bowie has not been destructive at all. He would be crated when no one was home and as soon as he would see his kong being taken out of the freezer he would run into the crate. The longest he had been crated during the day is up to 3 hours. Bowie has long legs and is a dedicated counter surfer, he does listen when told “off” as he knows that once he is sitting that he will get a treat. This boy is very food motivated. He has been eating out of a slow feeder bowl which would be best to be continued.

Bowie is very strong and while his leash skills are improving, he does pull. He enjoys his walks and will bark when he sees another dog but has had no interest in engaging with them. He loves to play fetch and tug and his ideal home will have a fully fenced yard so he can run freely. Bowie is NOT a candidate for off-leash dog parks. Bowie’s veterinarian estimates that Bowie will be around 75+ lbs when fully grown. He is very alert and has a big booming bark.

Bowie knows “sit”, “come”, “off”, “touch”, “leave it”, “go in your crate”, and “go to your mat”. “Down” is a work in progress. Bowie did stay with his trainer for 12 days and co-existed very well with the resident larger, female, German Shepherd. He greatly enjoyed being able to play and they played very hard and rough. Bowie needs to be either the only dog in the home or be with another playful, energetic, tolerant dog that will be at least his size or larger. He has had many successful play dates with similar and larger size dogs.

Bowie is a healthy boy. He is fully vaccinated and has been microchipped. He is very scruffy and is a low-shedder. His adopters will be required to neuter him as per the conditions set out in the adoption contract. Part of the adoption fee will be returned at that time.

Bowie needs an experienced owner who will set him up for success and help him be the amazing boy we know he can be. Bowie is still very much a puppy and can be mouthy and jump up on people. He has never shown any aggression towards people but due to his size and age Bowie needs a home without young children. After the most recent incident in the home, Bowie has gone back to stay with his trainer until his new family is found. Bowie’s trainer feels that having him on fluoxetine for a few months will be helpful to him and facilitate him learning better impulse control as he matures. Bowie’s trainer has said that she feels he is a terrific puppy who has great potential in the right home. She is happy to offer insight and support to his new family.

Bowie is in Mid-town Toronto.