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Bourbon has been adopted!

Sponsored in honour of gorgeous Gus who recently won the adoption lottery and has a forever home with Joe and Margie Szilagyi



Little is known of Bourbons past history. Her worn incisors and chipped canine teeth are an indication she spent many hours tied up in the yard. Her teeth were checked and cleaned and determined that no teeth needed to be extracted. Bourbon was also given a 4dx test for heart worm, ehrlichia, anlasmosis, and Lyme disease. Bourbon tested positive for ehrlichia and is on a course of doxycycline. There is no risk of Bourbon spreading this illness to others.

Bourbon has been a fairly quiet dog, but she will bark if she hears noises that are unfamiliar to her when she is in the house. She walks well on leash but will pull a bit when she sees a dog she wants to get close to during her walks. We have let her meet up with dogs that we know are friendly and she has greeted them well along with the owners.

Bourbon seems to know her name but has not shown us that she knows any commands. That said without us asking she does sit very still while we put on her harness for her walks. She will come to us in the house when we call her name but has limited recall when she is outside enjoying all the smells.

As Bourbon gets more comfortable in her foster home she has shown us she likes to sit beside us on the couch, loves a good belly rub, gives little kisses of thanks and loves to play with her humans.

Bourbon has not been left alone in the house as we feel crating her would be a step backwards in how well she has adjusted to her new life. She has shown no indication of any destructive behaviour. She sleeps on her dog bed and will come and greet us in the morning once she hears we are up.

Bourbon will need a family that understands she will be a bit uncertain of herself at first. With some patience and gentle positive encouragement she will show you how great she can be. She will need a secure fenced backyard that she can run in to wear off some of her youthful energy. She loves her walks and currently goes for a long morning walk and two shorter walks in the afternoon and evening weather permitting.

Bourbon currently is in a home with two dogs her age but we feel she would do well as an only dog. She prefers male dogs over female dogs and will need proper introductions. She will need a family that will not leave her alone for long periods of time. We do not know how well she will do with young children but as she can be startled easily we feel a home with older dog savvy children would be best.

Bourbon was lovingly fostered by Susan.