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Boo has been adopted!

Sponsored by June M, in honour of her grandson Ryan’s 9th birthday. Happy Birthday Ryan!!



Update: Boo has learned to shake both paws and to come when u whistle !

Boo is a very shy and nervous guy. He was one of 30 dogs in a hoarding situation and is just beginning his new journey to his forever after. He is going to spend a little time in rehab as he learns to gain the trust of his foster family. We do know underneath his scared expression, is a sweet boy waiting to jump out.

Boo will need a securely fenced yard at his forever home. He is very nervous outside, having never been outside before. His foster mom is practicing with his harness, but he seems easily overwhelmed by it all. He can be very skittish outside but they’re working at it a bit each day to help him feel more secure.

A home without children is also preferred as his fears do seem to get the best of him and the sudden movements of children would be too much for him at this point. He needs a quiet understanding home.