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Bonbon has been adopted!

Sponsored in honour of Paulina Konopacka to welcome her to the Save Me Rescue Board of Directors


Bonbon is such a sweetie, he has tons of energy, loves to give kisses but is very easily distracted.. He’s very smart, loves his treats and I believe will do well in a household where he has all the attention or only has to share it with one other dog. I would recommend he go to obedience classes and on a one on one basis as he does get easily distracted. he settles down in his crate and sleeps through the night. Plays well and wants to be with you all the time. He’s okay if he can see you. He is healthy and full of energy.

He has been neutered and it is healing well. He will run from one dog’s dish to another but is not aggressive with food, doesn’t steal food from the other dogs but will go to their bowls either before or after they eat. He hears come and starts to, but gets distracted. I am teaching him to sit and he is picking it up quite well. Very smart dog if you can keep him focused. He does not respond to many commands. He does know the word No. Bonbon is not fully house trained, I have been putting him out with my dogs but he thinks it’s playtime, so I have been putting him out by himself so he isn’t distracted by the others, He uses a pee pad if you don’t see him at the door. Bonbon is crate trained and will sleep there all night with no problem. I also put him in for a time out when he gets too wild and has everybody running around barking. He settles nicely and will stay in the crate until you let him out and as long as he sees where you are.

Bonbon is partly leash trained, he runs around but if you can get him to focus and he does well. I don’t take the chance on him bolting out the door because he doesn’t respond to the command come. I have him on a light leash and put him behind a gate when somebody comes to the door to be safe. Bonbon settles down well in the car, no jumping around, he lies down on the seat and stays there until you stop and go to get him.

He is social and gets along very well with other dogs and people but wants all the attention. He is so soft so that isn’t a problem because you just want to hug him. Bonbon is not aggressive at all towards people or my dogs. He will bark at anyone new coming in to the house until he knows it’s okay, then he settles down and just wants to kiss them. He is great around other pets, no growling, snapping etc. He is not the least bit shy, he does like to see where you are but doesn’t mind if you go out. I put him in his crate when I went out and he was fine and happy. Glad to see me when I returned.

Bonbon does not show fear of anything in particular such as passing cars, loud noises, etc. He likes to play with toys and will play with my dog when she will play with him. His energy level is high, but will settle down and lay at your feet indefinitely. His level of shedding is low. He will bark when someone new comes in or knocks at the door and then will settle down and is quiet in the home. He is very friendly and fearless.

Bonbon’s ideal home is one with no small children. At this time, he is all unrefined puppy and would be nippy with small children. Older children with an understanding of dogs needing some personal space, would be ok. Bonbon also is easily excited around other dogs, so this can be a bit much for other or senior dogs. A home with non-dominant medium or higher energy dogs would be great. We feel it very important that Bonbon be set up for success and that he would greatly benefit from the same training experience as any other puppy would get. He’s a smart guy, but no one has taken the time to teach him common commands. He is very smart and it shouldn’t take long for him to learn what is expected of him. He is very energetic but so sweet and lovable.

Bonbon was lovingly fostered by Dorothea and Shari