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Bogart is available for adoption

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Our dear Bogart is a loving cuddly boy. Bogart is neutered, totally housetrained. Bogart will also use a pee pad if he needs to, which is great if he needs to go during the night, which seldom ever happens. He is about 5 years old, up to date on his vaccines and microchipped. He weighs about 23 lbs, and his teeth are nice and have been cleaned, and he is in great health. He loves his FM,(foster mom) very much. He can be a little jealous of new dogs that come in the house temporally. He is a very good watch dog, but will stop barking when told. He is somewhat fearful of anyone coming into the house that he doesn’t know. But he is not aggressive in any way. He will usually just go somewhere quiet until he feels comfortable.

Bogart needs a fenced yard for exercise, and he is awesome on a leash!!! Bogie does have some separation anxiety if left alone in the house. But this has been remedied by his using a crate if you’re going out for a few hours with out him. He is very good in the back seat of the car, patient when I go into stores with no barking.

Bogart loves to sleep in his humans bed, but would adjust to a spot with his blanket if preferred by his adopters.

An apartment would not be a good fit for Bogie, as he needs access to a yard, he loves being outside and wandering around to investigate all the smells the world has to offer him. So a home with someone home most of the time is ideal for him. We feel that Bogart was not socialized much before in his previous home, that could be why he is hesitant of new people. When Bogart stayed with a family friend while FM was away for a few days, he bonded quickly with them and adapted very well, he was calm and confident in their home. Which shows he will adapt quickly in a new home.

Bogart is a great eater and is food motivated when doing any training. He has done really well with nail trims and any grooming necessary, not so crazy about the hair blower though.

Please give Bogart a chance at a new forever home. He will pay you back ten fold with so much love, and those beautiful eyes staring up at you, and lots of kisses.

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**Adoptions within the province of Ontario only