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Bluey has been adopted!

Sponsored by Danny Rosen in memory of Steven Berman



Please note we are no longer accepting applications to allow our volunteers time to review the numerous applications received and respond to inquiries.

Just like the cartoon, our Bluey is a sweet, gentle soul. He came to us from a situation no being should be in and still shows nothing but love to those around him.

He was born around September 21st which makes him 10 weeks old. He is a golden retriever mix. At 10 weeks he is already 13 lbs and will likely be a large breed dog. Adopters need to be aware that he will be a large breed dog. He will also be active and will need a family that will keep him busy and socialized.

We are looking for a family that will be home and not leaving Bluey home alone for extended periods of time. It is unfair for him and not conducive to proper socialization.

Bluey is VERY food motivated and will come when called. He loves to lay back and show you his belly for rubs and enjoys a good snuggle on your lap.

He is making amazing strides in puppy training and has started sitting at the door when he needs to go outside to potty. He wiggles his whole body running back for love and treats! He will be fully puppy trained in no time!

Bluey eats VERY quickly and will benefit greatly from a slow feeding bowl. With time and trust that food will never be withheld he may slow down!

His first vet visit was a big success! He took his vaccine like a champ and didn’t even cry. He was LOVING the attention from the whole staff and started fostering a great positive association with vets!

Bluey would do great with another dog or dog savvy children. We do have cats in the house but they know better than to be around sharp puppy teeth! With slow introductions I can’t foresee any issues with a cat friend!

Bluey is going to be a large breed dog so someone with understanding of larger dogs is a must. He will also likely need coat maintenance and will shed so if retriever-confetti and grooming is not your thing, this will not be the right fit.

PuppIes are amazing and fun and oh so cute but please remember that a puppy is a commitment for their whole life. Training and socialization are a MUST as well as neutering. It is a huge commitment and not one to ever be taken lightly. Please only apply if your whole family is SURE that the responsibility of a puppy is manageable.

I am confident that Bluey will make an incredible, sweet companion with a family full of love!

Bluey was lovingly fostered by Katie