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Blu has been adopted!

Blu was sponsored by Paige M.


Hey Everyone!

It’s me, Blu! You’ve probably heard about me over the years, I’ve been a very important part of Save Me Rescue, basically I’ve run the whole organization. Hundreds of dogs have found their homes in my time here (young dogs, old dogs, sick dogs, all sorts of dogs) and that makes me really proud. It got me thinking though, is there a family out there for me? Sure my front legs are funny and I drool a lot, but I’ve learned that those are things I cannot really change and things that make me uniquely me. I hope there is a family out there that loves big drooly dogs that would be looking for a sweet affectionate companion.

I have been doing a lot of hard work over the last few months to get myself as perfect as I can be for my forever home. Foster mom and I have been working with a trainer and we have learned that I am SUPER SMART! I learned a special trick called “place” that apparently not every dog can learn, everyone is very very proud of me. This week I met with a very talented photographer and got some handsome pictures done.

Now I need your help! If everyone that reads this shares my letter my perfect family might read it. My perfect family would be one with carpet stairs as non-carpeted stairs are a bit difficult for me to climb. A fenced in yard would be wonderful. My dream would be to find a home with some dog savvy children who would give me lots of attention, I love kids and have been told I am really good with them. A home without kids would be just fine too though, I’m not picky.

I hope a special family is reading this letter, if there is one thing I’ve learned over the last few years, it’s that there is a special family out there for every dog. I cannot wait to see what special family is waiting for me.

Lots of love,



Blu was lovingly fostered by Julie