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Blossom has been adopted!

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Introducing Blossom!

Blossom is a delightful foster dog who possesses an array of wonderful qualities. She is sweet, calm, and incredibly affectionate. With her playful nature, she brings an air of excitement wherever she goes. Blossom’s inquisitive personality makes her a joy to be around as she explores the world with curiosity and enthusiasm.

In her foster home, Blossom has shown great social skills and gets along wonderfully with medium-sized dogs, people, and even cats. She has a natural affinity for playtime, happily engaging with both toys and her furry companions.

House training is one of Blossom’s strong suits, and she has grasped the concept quite well. She is crate trained as well. She is shy upon first introductions with humans. In an ideal home, someone would be present during the day to provide her with the attention and care she needs. Alternatively, taking her to work would be another suitable option. Blossom is eager to learn and grow, so puppy and leash training would greatly benefit her development. A home with older children would be best for her.

Blossom’s ultimate desire is to be with her loved ones at all times. She cherishes quality time spent sleeping in and snuggling next to their laps on the couch. Additionally, having a well-rounded canine friend would be ideal for Blossom, offering her a playmate to romp and run with. A fenced yard would be a dream come true for this sweet pup, as she loves to stretch her legs and showcase her frolicking.

For more information about Blossom, feel free to reach out to her foster mom, Shari, at the email below. Keep in mind that as we continue to learn more about Blossom, her bio may be updated periodically. So be sure to check back for any additional information. Her personality is starting to come out and she is a sweetie.

Blossom’s waiting patiently for her forever home, eagerly anticipating the opportunity to bring love, joy, and companionship to her new family.