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Blanche has been adopted!

Sponsored by Jen Macpherson and Family


Blanche has a wild side!
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Blanche is an incredibly sweet 5lbs chihuahua. She is about 5-7 years old. She LOVES giving kisses and being the center of attention. She loves spending her days napping and playing with her favorite Monkey toy. She can be vocal if she sees or hears someone outside, but it is usually short lived. She is not a fan of the cold weather and is pee pad trained. She is being fostered with 2 larger male dogs. She has a dominant personality but not aggressive – she just loves attention!

Because of her size, a home with no small children is preferable. She is looking for a home with another fur sibling as a companion and would prefer not to be alone more than 3-4 hours at a time.

Blanche sometimes reverse sneezes, but different medical trials and a laryngeal exam revealed no causes. She does have mild to moderate hip dysplasia and a grade 2 patella. She is being given glucosamine chondroitin daily to help her joints. She does not let any of this stop her, as she will run and play until she tires herself out!

Blanche is an amazing little girl and she has so much love to give! She is happy, friendly, and has such a big heart! Her forever home will be very lucky to have her and spoil her!

Blanche was lovingly fostered by Kate