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Blakey has been adopted!

Sponsored by Toba, in honour of Toby and Penny. Every furbaby deserves a loving home and happiness


Meet Blakey! This 6.6 lb spunky little Yorkie was surrendered to a Quebec shelter with allergies, multiple infections and luxated pattellas. He has responded well to medication; his ears and eyes are clear and his skin and fur are improving daily!

At 9 years old Blakey loves his naps but is always ready for a game of tug on squeaky toys and rolling over on his back for a wiggle and belly rubs. He is a wonderful companion that appreciates being carried, lounging on your lap and giving kisses. What a cuddle bug!

Blakey is pee pad trained and almost fully outdoor trained. His foster family take him outside every 2 hours to avoid his use of the pee pad, he is not impressed with these cold wintery days but is doing well with training. A pee pad is always made available to him. Blakey does not go to the door to indicate he needs to go out, but does squeak and whine when he needs something, we are still trying to understand his signals when he needs something.

Since he’s such a little guy Blakey needs a sweater during the day to stay comfortable, just a thin layer seems to make him warm enough, with a winter coat overtop when heading outside. He walks well on leash with a harness but only wants to do his business and walk short distances before going back inside.

Blakey has luxated patella’s that are grade 3/4. He has been thoroughly vetted and our vet believes that surgery is not currently warranted. Blakely appears to not be in any pain, is happy to bounced and dance around but can not jump up or down off of furniture. He runs around the house without any issues so we believe his desire for short walks outside is more a result of the cold weather.

Allergies make Blakey itchy and sneezy. Our vet felt that an injection of allergy medication that lasts 6 weeks was the best course of action to keep his irritation under control, combined with a diet for skin sensitivities and oatmeal baths every other week. As a result he is comfortable and his skin is in good condition. On going care and management will be required by his adoptive family. Blakey will also need regular grooming to keep his fur out of his eyes.

Blakey sleeps in a crate with cozy blankets at night. He goes in willingly at bedtime and sleeps soundly until someone in the house stirs in the morning. An immediate trip outside then breakfast are a great way to start the day.

Other dogs seem to make Blakey nervous, he typically avoids interactions. He has co-habitated with other dogs of the same size and energy level without any trouble. He is always ready to join in on any barking that starts but does not often instigate barking. He could do well in either a house or apartment/condo.

Car trips tend to make Blakey sick to his stomach, we have tried sitting him on the seat, up high so he can see out and being in a crate…all seem to upset his stomach.

This sweet boy will be a wonderful addition to a loving family.

Blakey was lovingly fostered by Lisa