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Blackie has been adopted!

Sponsored by Lisa A. in memory of her sweet Nellie


Doesn’t get much more adorable than this…

Blackie will catch your attention with her perky floppy ear and big beautiful eyes.

This tiny girl is house trained, crate trained and gets along well with other dogs and cats. She enjoys the outdoors and is pretty good on a leash, however does panic when new things appear in her path. Gentle encouragement keeps her moving along..

She’s silly and playful but can also very shy and timid. Her immediate reation to most nervous situations is to cower, she shows no agression, she’s simply scared. Her new family will slowly but firmly build her confidence. She will retreat to her crate or special area when overwhelmed. Her foster parents have noticed that she appears to be nervous to walk on tiled floor and will stick to carpet areas or area rugs. They’re working on this with her.

When she’s feeling comfortable in her surroundings, she’s sweet loving and cuddly. She’s starting to play with toys and learning to relax in her foster home. She also seems to enjoy car rides. Her foster parents say she’s a smart girl and she likes to jump around and play hide and seek.

Blackie is in need of some weight gain. She’s painfully thin and it’s noticable when you pick her up. So some extra treat would certainly win her over.


Blackie was lovingly fostered by Lisa A