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Biscuit has been adopted!

Sponsored for Owen, Sophie and Carter, my kids, who have been so welcoming of these fosters and for all their help caring for them.



Biscuit is a stunning boy known as Feddy, the one-eyed wonder. Determined not to let anything like a missing eye change his happy demeanor, Feddy really enjoys life indoors as a family pet and loves nothing more than a good scratch behind the ears or brushing of his thick coat. Feddy was found wandering this summer with a significant head injury. The injury has healed, however, his eye receded into the skull and was non visual and painful. Since having his eye removed, he is such a happy boy. Best mates with everyone, and very well mannered, he would love a family that enjoys outdoor time to continue his training and show him lots of attention.

Feddy is a 3yr old Great Pyrenees, neutered male, just over 100lbs now. He is housetrained and walks fairly well on a leash. His independent nature can make obedience training more of a challenge than some other breeds but he is very well-mannered in the house and causes no trouble. Patience during training will be a must. This breed can be stubborn and certainly is not known to win any obedience championships.

Typical of the breed, Feddy is a calm, well-mannered, serious dog with great devotion to family, He is trustworthy, affectionate, and gentle. The Great Pyrenees was bred to be left alone and guard sheep in mountain valleys, so they are by nature relatively independent. With a securely fenced yard, Feddy is happy to spend time outside even during the cold weather. He also loves to just sit on his blanket in the family room and be close to his people. He enjoys daily walks that allow him to be social and smell as the scents. He also enjoys quiet time in the house and thrives on routine. If you get up and go to bed at a regular time, come and go from the house at generally the same time, He can expect when to be fed and walked, Feddy will thrive in your company. The same guarding roots also have left this breed with a strong instinct to bark and Feddy is no exception. When outside, Feddy can let out a bark that will send the signal that he is there to protect his family and territory.

The guarding nature of this breed makes continual socialization especially important. Feddy has been exposed to many new people, places, and situations. This has helped to keep his protective nature at bay. With a slow introduction, he has really warmed up to the other dogs in the house and has not paid attention to the cats. He does not seem to be used to being in a home so he has had issues walking comfortably on vinyl flooring. He has not gone up or down stairs in the house. We have laid down area rugs and mats to help him get a grip on the floor so he can move around more freely. He can be stubborn when trying to get him into the car but once in, he lays down and enjoys the trip.

With his enjoyment of the outdoors, this nature lover is a big bouncy bear who loves to play soccer in the yard or explore a trail. Feddy is friendly but would suit bigger kids due to his size. His large, furry tail can create more breeze than a ceiling fan.

Grooming needs are moderate. Regular brushing of the double coat will keep it in good condition but be prepared for a major annual shed. Luckily, Feddy considers it a real treat when you devote attention to him so brushing him is a joy.

Feddy is not crate trained. He has a blanket that he sleeps on and he does not wander around after the lights are turned off. When left alone in the house, is contained to one room and this has worked out very well for all.

If you are a lover the extra large breeds, have the room both in and out of your home for him to roam, have experience with this breed and the time and commitment it takes to look after him, Feddy will bring more joy and companionship to your life that you could ever imagine.