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Billy has been adopted!

Sponsored by 10 year old Riley and his best friend and Save Me alumni, Chewie.


Billy comes from Tennessee and is a mighty dog in a little package! He was described as a dear and a real sweet heart by some of the people who brought him north in search of his forever home.

Billy bounced into my life as a foster parent and has already brought us so much joy. He has charmed our cat Yoshi (the cat from hell) and that is not an easy task. They chase each other all over the house. So yes, he is cat friendly.

Billy loves to walk and is good on a leash. For a little dog, he can walk for hours. He said hello to every person we met and every dog as well. He was a little timid with the big dogs at first but by the end of the day, he just ran right up to them all.

And then there were the stairs…… it took a few tries but Billy made it up all the stairs to the 2nd floor and then got stuck because he didn’t know how to come down. A few tries later, down he came.

In one day, Billy has learnt so much. He is really smart and with training will sit and give a paw etc.
Billy likes to by me and stays by my feet on the couch and off.

Billy will be great with other animals or children in the house or he will make a lonely person a great companion.

But be ready, Billy is young, playful and still teething a little. He gets excited and licks a little but this just makes him even cuter!


Billy was lovingly fostered by Debra