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Bill has been adopted!

Sponsored by Laura, John, Diana, Kathleen and Jacquelyn, in loving memory of Auntie Bette, who loved her own rescue pups with all her heart.


Welcome Bill! Bill joins us from a hoarding situation but is ready to put his past life behind him and enjoy life with his future family. And that future family will sure be a lucky one because Bill is quite the dog! He is affectionate, sweet, calm and very loving to everyone he meets! He does very well with his foster brothers and sisters of various breeds and temperaments. Bill is house trained and has even started to “ask” to go outside in his foster home. He will also definitely let you know when he wants food .. which is more often than not 🙂 he is very food driven. Bill is very smart and listens extremely well to his foster mom. Bill is pretty low energy and low maintenance, he just wants to be with his people all the time and bury himself in a blanket and nap the day away. Bill does have some separation anxiety and may not do very well in an apartment because of that. He will bark and cry when his foster mom leaves the home, she does crate him but lately has not found the need to since he is housetrained and just sleeps. Bill does very well on leash and is not a flight risk at all. Bill would make an amazing addition to any family, he truly is an exceptional and sweet dog.
Bill was lovingly fostered by Paulina.