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Bill has been adopted!

Sponsored by Michelle in loving memory of her father Frank, and with love to those he held dearest to his heart, his wife Dorothy, his son Andrew and daughter-in-law Niky.



We are pleased to introduce you to Bill, affectionately known in his foster home as Bilbo Waggins. Bill is a very sweet older gentleman, who enjoys long naps by the fireplace, and lots of pets and love from his humans.

Bill arrived at his foster home with a number of health concerns, and has had many visits to Kingsdale. We are happy to say that now he is healthy and feeling better than he has in years! He was treated for two very nasty ear infections, had a number of teeth extracted, had two growths on his eyelids removed, and was neutered. He has some arthritis in his left hip and is taking a supplement (Tri-Acta) and a medication ($67/month) to keep him feeling his best.

Bill has nice manners in his foster home. He is fully potty trained and will stand by the door when he wants to be let outside. He will occasionally give a quick bark to let you know when someone comes to the front door. He doesn’t jump up, and he waits to be invited onto the couch for cuddles. We have been working on some commands and it seems you can teach an old dog new tricks! He sits pretty reliably, especially when his dinner bowl is in your hand. Bill isn’t a chewer and has never been destructive in his foster home.

Bill is a lower energy dog. Despite the arthritis he does well going up and down stairs and he enjoys his leisurely morning and evening walks. “Leisurely” is definitely the key word as he loves to take his time and sniff absolutely everything! He will sometimes give a quick bark to a passing dog, but his tail is always wagging. When he gets home from his walk it’s usually time for a good nap. Most of his day is spent snoring happily and walking from one nap spot to another.

Bill has been on several car rides with his foster family and he travels very well but he does need a little help getting in and out of the car.

At night Bill sleeps on a big pillow in his foster parent’s bedroom, as he likes to stay close to his humans. Bill’s ideal home would be one where there is always someone home to keep him company as he does deal with some separation anxiety. We have been working on leaving him alone for short periods of time, and as long as we leave the TV on for some background noise he tends to just snooze on his pillow until we return. Bill is particularly attached to his foster dad and seems overall to prefer the company of men, although he is friendly and loving to everyone in the house. He does well with the kids in his foster home, who are 12 and 14, and I think would generally do well with dog-savvy kids over the age of about 10. Bill gets a little obsessed with the cat in his foster home wanting to play, which the cat doesn’t always appreciate. For that reason we believe Bill would be best suited to a home with either no cat, or a very patient cat that has experience with dogs. Bill loves other dogs and we think he would do really well in a home with another older, friendly dog.

Bill was lovingly fostered by Jocelyn