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Save Me remembers Bianca



Bianca came into my life right when I needed her most. After my boy passed away I was having an extremely hard time dealing with the grief. I first saw Bianca online and fell in love with her big beautiful soulful eyes. I continued to watch her online until one day I saw a picture of her with the same blanket as my sweet bobby. I knew then. For sure. Without a doubt. She belonged with us.

We brought our Bianca home on August 6 2017. She instantly fit in with our lives. And I resumed my position of official dog carrier. Bianca is a princess who sweetly demanded extra special care. We gave in to her many requests. Bianca was a tender soul. Always by my side. Helping me to heal my broken heart. My special girl. I would wake up to kisses and go to sleep with her cuddled right next to me every night.

Bianca loved to run in the grass and feel the warm sun on her face. We spent our days tucked up on the couch together, she was never far from my side. She was a fierce defender of our home, barking at anything that dared to enter her yard. Bianca enjoyed being held. She loved to be rubbed, often pulling your hand over to her with her tiny paw. “Love me” her soulful eyes would beg. How could anyone refuse that offer, we certainly couldn’t. And love her we did. With our whole hearts. Not just my husband and I, but our family and friends as well. Especially her special foster parents Kate and Jeremy. Even though we only got a few months with our girl we loved her a lifetime worth. And she loved all of us too.

There’s a saying that reminds me of Bianca. One day someone will come around and hug you so hard it will put all of your broken pieces back together. That was Bianca. She was here to heal us then move on to bigger things. Thank you Bianca. Our precious angel. Love isn’t a big enough word for what we feel for that sweet girl.

I try to comfort myself by imagining her meeting bob, free of all their ails, running wild and free. Rocket leading the way.

Bianca will live on in our hearts

~ Amanda ~