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Betty has been adopted!

Betty / Female / Beagle / 19 Lbs / 3 yrs old / Adoption fee: $400.00


From Betty’s Foster Mom:

I want to tell you about this sweet little Beagle we called Betty…since she was a stray and didn’t have a name. She is a real jewel and such a polite little girl . She is totally house trained with no accidents so far..even though she made a 2 day trip to get here with strange( to them ) but loving volunteer people caring for several other dogs ..who transport them to safe and loving foster homes !

I haven’t heard her bark…and she loves sunbathing out in the yard. She is wonderful with all the dogs here. At first she wasn’t happy about my 2 blind dogs walking / bumping into her…she didn’t understand and told them so ! She has tried several times to get any one of these dogs to play with her, so she would love a youngish pal who could play and run with her in a secure yard.

Betty is very young and looks like she recently had a litter…. She is quite timid, but quickly warms up to people who introduce themselves gently, when she sees they won’t hurt her….she’s very affectionate and loves to be patted ! Betty loves to eat..even though she has a tiny slim figure… She is polite about not trying to get the other dogs food, and is so quiet I often can’t find her…she is in the living room sleeping on one of the big dog beds.

Betty does need some leash training, cause she gets so excited that she pulls and pulls…. But I believe that she would do well with training and would probably love going to classes if that’s in her future. She’s very social when she feels safe.

Betty has only been here for 3 days …so I will update if she’s here longer.., however she would be happy to find her new home and loving people, and hopefully another dog to play with ! I wouldn’t place Betty in an apartment, since she is young and needs to be able to run and have fun in a very secure yard.

Would you like to get to know this adorable girl…? I am going to get more pictures..but as soon as she sees me with a camera..she comes running and jumps up gently ! I have several of her sleeping.. Let me know if you would like more info on Betty..!

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