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Betsy is adopted!

Sponsored by Georgia, Darrien & Tee, in celebration of Debbie & Stef’s wedding


This beautiful girl is Betsy! She has just arrived to Canada (coming from Ohio). She has great house manners and will go to her food station and patiently wait while you prepare her breakfast, she will sit nicely when you give treats and does not beg at the table.

She is a happy little beagle that is looking for a home with a completely fenced in backyard which will allow her to follow her nose safely. The beagle breed is known for their noses and when a scent interests them they will not pay attention to their surroundings.

Betsy enjoys her walks outside, it doesn’t matter the weather. She gives a soft little whine when she needs to go outside and will sit patiently while you put her leash on her. She is excellent when meeting new people, or other dogs. She has a fast pace on her walks and her foster mom is using a unique leash called the wacky walkr that is a safe no pull leash.

We do not have any details about Betsy’s past; however, It is clear from Betsy’s lady parts that she has had a few litters of puppies in the past. She also has a few scars on her back that currently have no hair. Her foster mom has started giving Betsy Omega 3 supplements.

Betsy found the box full of dog toys quickly and is already interacting with all of them in her foster home. She will bring them to you to play with her. She seems to love fetch and is very gentle during her play sessions.