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Betsy has been adopted!

Thank you Save Me Dog Rescue, for choosing us to give Jude and Desmond their forever home. Love our boys🐾❤️



Meet Betsy!

This absolute doll has come all the way from Ohio to Canada to begin her happily fur-ever after.
Betsy is a young pup at one year, and still has lots of puppy energy. She absolutely LOVES other dogs and gets much of her confidence from them, so a furry sibling of medium-large size and energy is must!

Currently Betsy lives with a few dogs and also gets to go to a doggie daycare every day to expel her energy. She has such a blast running and wrestling with all her furry friends all day!

Betsy does ok with dog-savvy cats, and gentle reminders not to chase. She is curious and loves to try and play with them.

She currently does still have a bit of flight risk, so she is not able to be off leash, and you must be careful opening doors etc.

A home with a fenced in yard is essential. She does walk relatively well on a lead, although she has not been trained yet not to pull. She knows sit! and will happily come over with her tail wagging for some love. Betsy is fully house trained, and crate trained. If left loose unattended right now, she may explore and cause some destruction out of typical young pup curiosity.

She loves to play with her toys, and once she is sleepy she is perfectly content to snooze on the couch with you! She gives the best snuggles.

This beautiful girl is submissive by nature and needs lots of love, kindness and calm words when training or guiding her through life. She has settled in wonderfully and is just starting to see how beautiful and kind this world can be.

Betsy was lovingly fostered by Stefanie