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Bert has been adopted!

Sponsored by Griffin and Ellie – two Save Me alumni, in honour of Olivia’s birthday.



Meet Bert. This little sweetheart is such a fun wiggle butt. He’s always just so happy when you’re around and his tail is ALWAYS wagging! He loves to love, be loved and give love. He came to the house and just jumped in everyone’s lap and made himself right at home, he knows a good lap when he sees one and will make you love him.

Being a street dog, he is learning the ropes when it comes to being an indoor dog. Toilet training is coming along nicely, getting better everyday. He does have a bit of a habit of marking ‘his house’ but we feel as he settles in his new home this won’t be such an issue. He’s still trying to get his baring’s in this new place.

We don’t think he’s ever heard the word ‘no’ before or had any boundaries, however he is very curious and insists on being part of everything, he has quickly made himself very comfortable. We are slowly working on getting to him understand that there are house rules and some general manners that he must learn and start following. He has been quick to learn these rules and is starting to follow them, but this will take time. Bert is HIGHLY food motivated and thinks anything that is food is meant for him, if he isn’t jumping up trying to grab it he’s sitting and giving his best puppy eyes with his tail wagging. He is pretty grabby when there is food around, but he’s quickly learning that he can actually take food nicely, it is a skill that is getting better everyday. With a little bit of training, some treats and some time he will have all the rules figured out. He is a very smart little guy, and it won’t take long to get himself sorted out. He already knows that his meals are eaten in the crate, so he runs in and sits nicely waiting for food.

There are 3 other dogs in the foster home with him and he is not bothered by them. He isn’t interested in playing with them or toys, he’s happiest when he can cuddle with a person. They all get along and coexist, but he would rather be with the humans. He is just a happy little guy that wants love and attention.

Bert’s foster’s family fell in love with this sweet guy and we are happy he will continue to be part of his foster’s extended family.