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Bernie has been adopted!

Sponsored by David, Scott and Peanut, in memory of our amazing Stains​


Bernie is the biggest of the three puppies. He also has the most energy. When the others are napping, he often follows his foster mom around the house. He loves to explore, play and keep busy. He is the biggest of the three. He is smart and has a rough and tough personality but is the first to cry out for some snuggles when anyone approaches. Big guy with a soft heart.

Bernie, Reggie and Kellie came from come from an Indigenous reserve in Northern Ontario. They often have a combination of Husky, Shepherd, Lab and Border Collie in them but you never know quite what you are going to get! The same goes for size. We cannot say for sure their full grown size, but guessing by their weight currently, they will be large dogs. In our experience Nordics grow into dogs with lovely personalities who do best with active families.

These three are an active trio who love to explore and also love to be around their people. They are destine to be intelligent dogs who will require training and tasks to keep them healthy and balanced. They also have a lot of energy already, so will require an active family that will include them in their recreation time.

Bernie, Reggie and Kellie were born around Feb 12th. They will have their first set of vaccinations March 25th and they are on their second dewormer.


Bernie was lovingly fostered by Colleen