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Benny has been adopted!

Sponsored by Alex in thanks to her amazing teachers for a great year.



Benny was one of the several dogs rescued from the backyard breeder/puppy mill recently. When he was found, he was filthy, matted and terrified. After several baths and a badly needed grooming, it was easy to see that he started feeling better. Scared at first, he was hesitant to leave the safety of his crate but in a short time, he was running around the house like he’s lived here forever. When something is scary, he tends to run into his crate but comes right back out – like he picked up his courage from the pillow in his crate!

Benny is friendly, happy and eager to play with both dogs and people. He has shown zero aggression, even when he’s scared. Like most young dogs, he has spurts of energy and is ready to run after toys or balls. He is fantastic at amusing himself with toys, and is content to chill on a dog bed or his crate.

Because living as a loved pet is new to him, Benny has a lot to learn. Housetraining is coming along and so are basic commands like stay and come. He is still scared on a leash and would greatly benefit from training. He likes the fenced backyard where he can wander without a leash.

He lives with 3 foster canine siblings (they are all senior who don’t like to play) and Benny is good at reading their cues. He would do well with a playmate but he would also likely do well as an only dog where he doesn’t have to share attention. A home without cats would be ideal as he tends to chase and corner the cat he lives with in his foster home.

Benny has not been around young children but he is so gentle, I would expect that he would do well with a dog-savvy child.

His fur is soft like silk, typical of his breed and he will require regular brushing and grooming to ensure he remains looking and feeling his best.