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Sponsored in honour of our boys, Jude and DesmondšŸ¾


Benny is a cute little guy who has recently been neutered and had all except 4 of his teeth remove. When Benny came into foster care, his foster parents were concerned because he would not eat. They soon discovered that his septic mouth was the reason he was not eating, it was too painful for him. Now that his mouth has been looked after, he enjoys his soft food for breakfast and dinner.

Benny currently lives with other dogs his size and larger and he does quite well. Benny does bark if someone comes to the door or he sees the 200 pound dog in the neighbours yard. Benny likes to go for car rides is a very social little guy. Benny is not quite housetrained but with some consistency, he will be housetrained in a short period of time. Benny likes to sleep close to his humans in bed with them.

Benny is estimated to be 10 years old but he does not act like a 10 year old dog, heā€™s very happy his tail is always wagging and he prances around his foster home like he owns it. Benny is not caged when left alone, he is not destructive when left to his own devices. Benny would do best in a home with no children or older children as he is a little guy and could easily be injured if dropped. Benny currently has a fenced in backyard and he loves to go out and explore his new area. Do you think you could provide Benny with a quiet place to live out his senior years ?

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** Adoptions within the province of Ontario only