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Benji has been adopted!

Sponsored in loving memory of Sierra Hewson from the Brodsky family. May her memory always be a blessing.


Benji is around 4/5 years old. Although he seems younger because he definitely has a lot of puppy energy and loves to play. 😁 He’s from Tennessee, was a stray, and is about 18lbs. He is also neutered, microchipped, and has shiny white teeth. He knows his name now and listens when you say no. He has recently mastered the “sit” command and sits without being asked while waiting for his breakfast and dinner to be served. He loves to play and loves all kinds of toys: squeaky, tug ropes, balls!

He’s mostly house trained. He’s had a few accidents in the house but that’s pretty expected when in a new home and part of those were due to my partner feeding him too much and me learning his routine. He’s also very quiet except when someone comes to the door when he barks. He does cry when he goes in his crate when we leave him at home alone. He can’t really be trusted to be left home with free reign right now as he gets into some mischief when I am in my office on Zoom meetings and not in the same room as him. He has been caught chewing on my yoga mat and my flip flops. Lol.

He settles down really well at night in a dog bed beside our bed. He’s great on leash has the cutest little strut and is fantastic in the car. He’s also got some puppy-like behaviour in that he sometimes wants to play using his mouth. So younger kids might get scared he is biting at them. A sharp “ow” sound and he realizes and shifts to licking.

Benji was lovingly fostered by Stephanie