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Ben has been adopted!

Sponsored by Dave, Laura, Luca, Emma, and Milo (our fur baby) Spinosa 😊



Ben is a sweet, feisty 10 year old Yorkie with lots of spunk and energy. He loves to play with toys, go out for walks and cuddle on the couch!! Ben was surrendered to Save Me when his owners circumstances changed resulting in him spending long hours crated. You can tell from Ben’s temperament that he’s been a well loved boy.

Ben loves to be outside. He walks well on a flat leash, has a quick pace with lots of stops for sniffing and peeing. He does bark with excitement when meeting dogs his size, is generally friendly then wants to keep moving. Ben needs time to warm up to people, he will bark, stand behind you when a new person approaches. It’s a big world for a little guy and he just needs a minute to adjust. His foster parents ask the neighbours to give him space and no attention until he comes around for a pet. His new family will need to ensure people respect his space upon first introductions. Ben is happiest when walked 3-4 times a day.

Indoors Ben loves to play with his toys and to have a toy tossed or tugged. He quickly recognizes what is a toy and what is not. Ben is able to destuff a toy at lightening speed, squeakies go first, then all the stuffing. He runs around the house playing with the soft shell, he loves them more without their stuffing. Ben is a happy, sweet little guy, loves to cuddle beside you in a chair or on the couch in the evening. Ben can be sound reactive in the house, music to help reduce his reaction. He wants to sit in the front window and alert us of all possible invasions, but he has come to understand that it’s not needed or wanted. He’s a smart guy, understands sit, no, wait. He is a wonderful companion. Ben is crate trained, happy to sleep in his crate at night and will stay in his crate when you pop out on errands or an evening out.

Ben arrived into foster care needing to wear a belly band indoors due to marking pee in the house. In a few short weeks in an environment without another dog and lots of opportunity to mark outside, he has mostly dry days now. When he visits other homes or has dogs in his home, the belly band is needed. With a little more time and consistency, we believe he will no longer need the band inside a dog free home.

Ben is not confident with other dogs, even dogs his size he will always ensure his human is between him and the other dog. He has had many positive interactions with other little dogs while in foster care, but still moves away and is wary of other dogs.

Ben is a healthy little guy. He has a good appetite, eats breakfast and dinner of dry kibble each day and loves a little extra as reinforcement for good behaviour. He doesn’t seem to like treats but loves his kibble. Ben is up to date on all his vaccinations and is recovering from a dental cleaning with a few extractions. Once healed, he’ll be ready for his new home.

Ben’s ideal family is adult only or with older teens that are dog savvy, love to walk and play, are at home so he’s not alone for long periods, give him the space he needs to feel safe upon introductions and is ideally the only dog in the home.

Ben was lovingly fostered by Lisa