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Belle has been adopted!

Sponsored by Toba, in honour of Toby, Riley and Penny. Every furbaby deserves a loving home and happiness.



Two words… so fluffy!

That’s what her 8-year-old foster brother said when he met this sweet and happy girl. Belle is 11 months old and comes from a small community in northern Ontario. Although we’re not quite sure of Belle’s breed, she is most likely a mix of husky, shepherd and some other cool breeds. We think she looks like a miniature wolf with her beautiful face and black fluffy fur. At 40 lbs., she will not get much bigger full grown.

Belle plays very well with her foster sister and loves romping in the yard. She is quickly learning to walk on a leash and enjoys adventures around the neighborhood and checking out new things in the forest. Belle is very friendly and social and is always happy in the company of her humans and other dogs. Belle is very gentle – bordering on wary – of her foster cats, which is a good sign. She is curious about them but then seems to lose interest. Belle also loves kids and enjoys playing with her foster family’s children. After time outdoors and a game of tug-o-war, Belle is quite ready for a nap. She is quiet in the house and loves to be snuggled right beside her foster mamma. Belle follows her foster mom everywhere.

Belle is very happy at home and is house trained. She has a great schedule and is crate trained, easily sleeping through the night. To date Belle has not been left alone for more than a few hours during the day. While Belle sleeps quietly in her crate through the night, her foster family is working on lengthening time in the crate during the day. She tends to bark when left alone and her foster family is continuing to practice leaving her in her crate for longer stretches of time during the day. After three days we have already seen improvements, so this will only get better with time and practice.

Belle is very food motivated and eager to learn. She’s been working on her puppy manners and now sits before her breakfast and dinner. Belle is also learning to sit calmly in the kitchen when her foster mom is cooking and not jump up around the counters when the food is out.

Belle needs a fenced in yard. She loves wandering around outside and hanging out watching the birds. She sits quietly at the door to be let out or back in. Belle is spayed, vaccinated (she will need a booster booster for DA2PP and Lepto by April 21) and on flea and tick and heartworm prevention.

If you have not had a Northern dog before you are in for a treat. They are sweet, loyal, people oriented, active, engaging and so much fun. And Belle is NO exception. She is an awesome pup!

If you think your family could be a match for this beautiful girl, please contact her foster mom or fill out an application today.