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Belle has been adopted!

Belle / Female / Chihuahua / 5 Years old / 6 pounds

Belle’s pull fee was sponsored by Lynda G.

My name is Belle and I started off that not well. But then, I found ones who love me. This my friends, made the world of a difference

So here I am, I can’t wait to tell you how much I’ve improved since being removed from that junk.

Dear Future Family,

When I first arrived in my foster home, I was afraid, I was petrified! (I couldn’t even eat in their presence. Going outside would terrify me. I would not let them touch me. I would sleep and hide in a corner.)

I kept thinking, what if I could never live a normal doggie life?

Then I spent so many nights thinking how hoarding did me wrong.
And I grew strong!
And now I’m learning how to get along! ( I love my grub. I love napping, cuddling, and giving kisses. I am excited when my foster parents come home. I love being outside. I run around in the house. I learned love – and boy does it feel good! )

Did they think I’d crumble? Did they think I’d crumble and die?

Oh no,not I, I will survive!
Oh, as long as I have a furever family I know I’ll stay alive! (Preferably with respectful older children and a dog buddy, because their presence reassure me – it’s all I used to know)
I’ve got all life to live (I’m only 5!)
And I’ve got all my love to give (and lots of kisses) and I’ll survive
I will survive, hey, hey!

Please if you think you could offer me what I need to mend the pieces of my broken heart, contact my foster parents! Of course, you’ll have to be patient. I am not fully housebroken yet, and I might not warm up to you right away, but give me time and love, and when I do you will see how great I am.



*I might have inspired myself of Gloria Gaynor’s song I will survive, because music helped me get out of my shell. Don’t be afraid to use it at your advantage when I get to your home!