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Bella and Diablo

Bella and Diablo have been adopted!

Sponsored with love by Brody, Kali and Mickey



Would you like a double dose of love in your life? This bonded couple might just be what your heart needs!

Here’s what you should know:
Diablo and Bella came to Save Me Dog Rescue after their elderly owner passed away. They are like two peas in a pod; everything they do, they do it together. They can often be found laying with their heads on each other for comfort. They would love to have a yard where they could run and play – they are excited and tend to pull on a leash. Their foster parents believe this would also help with their house training as they are far from perfect, but they are working on it. Included with Diablo are some fashionable belly bands as he tends to mark in the house. Adopters will need to be patient as they adjust to their new home. They are crate trained and will only bark for the first few minutes when you leave and then quickly stop (their foster parents spy on them with a pet camera). They do well in the car and do not mind bath time. They love snuggling on the couch while watching Grey’s Anatomy (or any TV show, they are not picky). However, meal time is their favourite time. They are currently on a raw diet and they absolutely love it. They have recently been getting into little arguments with one of the resident dogs; therefore, they would prefer a home with no other pets. Any children in the home would also have to be dog savvy.

Saying Bella and Diablo are the perfect mix of silly and cuddly would be an understatement. The question is…. Can you handle that much cuteness and love?

Bella and Diablo were lovingly fostered by Marilyne and Jason