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Bella is in rehab – Not accepting applications

Sponsored in memory of Amber and Ashton


Sweet Bella made the long trip from Kentucky about a week ago, and already her foster family has fallen in love! She is friendly and good-natured, has an endless supply of tail wags, and is always up for a good belly rub!

Life hasn’t always been easy for this gentle girl. Bella has hypothyroidism and had been suffering with skin infections and major hair loss for many years. Her previous owners were unable to pay for her thyroid medication and didn’t believe she had any quality of life left, so they asked the vet to euthanize her. The vet refused, knowing that she would respond well to treatment and suggested they surrender her. Now that Bella is with Save Me she is on daily medication to treat her hypothyroidism, has a medicated shampoo to help heal her skin, and she is thriving! Her fur is quite patchy at the moment, but as her treatment continues that will greatly improve.

Bella is a lower energy dog. She enjoys a morning and evening walk with her foster parents, and is quickly learning that pulling on the leash means we stop walking, and a nice loose leash means we get to keep going. When at home she likes to snooze on a comfy bed near her humans. There is still some puppy left in her as she loves to play with stuffies, flinging them around and tossing them into the air. So far she hasn’t destroyed a single one! She also likes to have a chew toy to occasionally gnaw on, which has the added benefit of helping to clean her teeth which do have a little bit of plaque buildup. She hasn’t been destructive at all in her foster home. She learns very quickly what is hers. She has also learned what door to sit by to be let outside, and has had no accidents!

Bella enjoys going on adventures with her foster family and travels in the car very well! She can climb in all by herself and then likes to sit and watch the world go by for a while before lying down for a snooze.
Bella is working on figuring out exactly how stairs work, so she has been preferring to sleep in the living room on a giant pillow. She settles easily and greets us in the morning with tail wags.

Bella loves to be near her humans and would love to have a home where someone is able to be with her most of the time. Her previous owners said she was alone six hours a day. So far in foster care she doesn’t like to be left alone at all. She will howl and bark pretty much until someone comes back. This could be temporary because of all the upheaval she has been through recently, and we’re hoping that once she feels more secure in a home she will be comfortable with being left alone. We’re working on this in foster care and a new owner will have to continue working through these issues until she realizes that her people will always come back for her.

Bella is a perfect family dog. She does well with dog savvy kids, and gets on well with cats and other dogs.

** Adoptions within the province of Ontario only