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Bella has been adopted!


Beautiful Bella is  65 lbs of love and happiness.  Always ready for an adventure, she will lead you on as many walks or hikes as she can, and if its a car ride you want, she wont object there either!

When shes not exploring with her humans, her absolute favourite thing to do is race and wrestle with her furry foster siblings. Bella is a big, energetic girl with a typical Mastiff personality, so she needs a nice BIG fenced in yard for her to run and play in! On top of that she needs her own furry best friend to live, play and nap with every day. Bella is looking for a home with another high energy, large breed dog.

Bella adores people, but can be nervous when meeting some people. She can be a little bit shy until she opens up to you! She needs lots of soft love and patience, and then she will bond to you and be your shadow.

Stuffies, bones, balls, Bella loves them all. She will play tug, play fetch and run around for hours. She even will keep the kids busy playing chase! But due to her size and energy would do better with older dog savvy children. After a full day of running and playing she is equally happy to spend her evening passed out with her head on your lap snoozing on the couch. Fair warning though.. she has a typical mastiff snore as well! She currently spends her nights sleeping in bed with her foster family, and couldn’t be happier. She loves to be close to her people.

She is a very good girl when left home unattended as well, but due to her high energy she would do best with an active family that will spend their days loving on her and exploring, with limited time alone.

Bella does very well with other large dogs, however she has exhibited some instinctual prey drive behaviour. For that reason, she would do best in a home with no small dogs, cats or other small animals or rodents.

Bella was lovingly fostered by Stefanie