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Bella is adopted!

Bella / Female / Beagle Mix / 9 months old / 28 lbs / Adoption Fee is $400.00


Bella is a very happy, friendly and affectionate 9 month old beagle mix who loves the company of all people (including children), cats and other dogs.

Bella is extremely smart and would be an excellent candidate for obedience classes as she loves to learn and spend time with her people. She is very good at sitting on command and coming when called. A family with children over 5 years old would be best for Bella as she does like to jump on her people for love and attention.

Although Bella is still young, at this point in time she does not seem too interested in chewing anything that is not meant for her. She has not had any accidents in her foster home to date and enjoys going on her daily walks

Bella is very friendly and enthusiastic with dogs and people but is respectful and not hyper or excitable. Bella recently met a cat and again was interested but respected her space and ignored her completely.
Bella is a hound through and through, when she is outside she will follow her nose and should not be trusted off leash.

Bella seems to mirror the energy of her foster mom and is happy to play with a toy or go for a walk with her or relax if that’s what she would like to do.

Bella’s foster mom cannot imagine a home where she would not fit in she is so easy going, gentle and kind
Bella has a very loving personality and an infectious smile that will brighten her new families day

For more information on her, please contact her foster mom Alissa at

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