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Bee has been adopted!

Sponsored by Jennifer S., paying it forward in honour of Bella​


Welcome Bee!

This lovely little girl is so full of life.  She is very friendly when meeting people and adores her canine companions.
Bee loves attention! She makes a perfect little lap dog when you want to relax and she also enjoys playtime with her canine siblings and humans. She is a busy little bee zipping around chasing and being chased. She enjoys a good leg stretch! This little lady enjoys walks and does well on leash. She is curious and wants to interact with everyone and everything that comes across her path. We haven’t tried off leash yet, however, I feel once she builds trust and comfort with her owners she will stick by their side. Bee hasn’t shown much interest in toys but will take advantage of a fluffy blanket, curling up for a little nap.

This wee little baby enjoys her chow time, she’s a very good eater with a strong appetite. She could probably stand to gain 1-2 pounds. Bee has shown slight signs of food aggression towards the other dogs in the house but a few days of building relationships with her foster siblings and she doesn’t bother so much anymore.

Bee and I have been working on her house training skills. She hasn’t quite gotten the hang of letting me know that she needs to go outside but with recognizing the signs, I quickly show her the routine and she happily goes outside to do her business.

Bee is a very pretty little girl. She loves having her creamy white coat groomed. as she happily looks upon you with her sparkling eyes. We haven’t yet experienced bath time but she hasn’t shown signs of fear of water while on our hikes. She is comfortable with approaching bodies of water and will step right in for a drink.

This amazing girl behaves well while being in the home unattended. I have noticed being in a crate causes her stress. I believe she just wants to roam free and nap with her foster brothers. We have been working on crate training and she is able to tolerate it for short periods of time at the moment. Bee LOVES music! It has a soothing effect and helps keep her calm when in the crate (at home or in the car).

As I said, Bee gets a long great with other dogs! She follows her foster brother around who is a small dog and loves to sleep with my shepherd in his bed. At night time, she would prefer to sleep next to her human companion, burrowing under the blankets to keep your toes warm at night!

Bee has been around small children though hasn’t had the chance of proper interaction. Fortunately, she did not show any signs of aggression or general interest. At this point I am unsure of how Bee would do with felines but she is a super friendly girl so most likely she would treat them as family.

Bee was lovingly fostered by Jennifer G