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Becca has been adopted!

Sponsored by Gerrie, in loving memory of Desi



Becca is a sweet, gentle cuddly girl. She just loves to snuggle and be right beside you. She is not sure what to do with toys but is learning about the squeaky ones! Becca would be a welcome addition for the right family or person who would have the time to help her blossom and meet her full potential.

She is a Shepherd mix, weighing 34 lbs. and is in very good health. She is spayed and her rabies immunizations is current. She is a quiet girl and not prone to excessive barking.

This sweetie comes to us from Boone County Animal Shelter in Kentucky, where she came in as a stray who was undernourished. Shelter life for her was somewhat stressful, but her personality is starting to shine now that she has stability and regular meals.

Becca currently lives with him foster mom, three dogs and 2 cats. She loves human contact and tends to follow her foster mom from room to room. She gets along extremely well with everyone, even the cats. She has good respect for the other dogs and is in no way aggressive. She engages them in games of tag and wrestling; although the smaller dogs are not amused. Becca and Sophie, her larger foster sibling, have a grand time. She does not have a much exposure to toys but is learning to play with the squeaky toys and tennis balls. Becca is fully housetrained.

She loves sleeping on the couch, cuddling, belly rubs and food! Becca is rather thin and needs to gain weight. With regular meals and treats this will happen. Food etiquette is not a strong point with her as she will take whatever she can. I believe this stems from her days of food deprivation. She does not have an understanding of the basic commands, although she is starting to understand the word NO. For the most part she walks pretty well on a leash and harness

Becca is extremely intelligent and learns very quickly. She is still learning her name. She is curious, yet cautious. With help of her human she is willing to enter into a new situation.

Becca will blossom in a home where her humans have the patience and time to be with her, invest in training and socialization. A mature or calm home would be preferred. Older children or dog-savvy children would also be of benefit for Becca. A fenced yard is a must, if living in a house.

Becca is such a joy to foster. Everything is new to her and helping her overcome her caution and watching her move forward is extremely rewarding. I have no doubt that the right family will feel the same!


Becca was lovingly fostered by Jackie